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Client Number 240 (Coatings Manufacturer)

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Project Number 1

Summary: Using the laboratory's database for solvent cleaning substitution, the lab generated the following lists of products. The first list contains products that have been evaluated at SSL under similar conditions to the client's criteria. The second list contains vendor suggested products based on client supplied data.

Test Objective: Find an alternative solvent/chemical for cleaning application - with flashpoint >100 F.

Problems with Current Method: Flash point of solvents for cleaning are <100 F, relatively high VOC content and possible health risks with continued exposure.

Purpose of Cleaning: Architectural glass to receive a sprayed coating to color glass.

Product Use: Architectural glass, e.g. backsplash ,feature wall, furniture, exterior spandrel glass

Cleaning Chemicals: Paint Thinner

Trial Number Date Run Purpose Success Rating
0 03/08/05 To identify alterntives for manually cleaning glass. Technology Transfer.