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Client Number 227 (Electronics Manufacturer)

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Project Number 1

Summary: Using the laboratory's database for solvent cleaning substitution, the lab generated a list of products that have been evaluated at SSL under similar conditions to the client's criteria. A second list was sent for low surface tension solvents that could be used to get into the small openings in an attempt to flush out metal fines.

Test Objective: To identify an environmentally friendly effective cleaning product to replace current ineffective aqueous cleaner.

Problems with Current Method: Leaving residue on parts

Cleaning Chemicals: Oakite LRS

Trial Number Date Run Purpose Success Rating
0 08/18/04 To identify alternatives for cleaning oils and polishing compounds from metal surfaces using ultrasonic energy. Technology Transfer. 
1 08/26/04 To generate a list of low surface tension solvents for cleaning in small openings. Technology Transfer.