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Optical Manufacturer (Optical)

Client Number Project Number In Progress Implementation Tech Transfer Analysis Test Objective
35 1 To eliminate the use of perchloroethylene
173 1 To identify a more effective detergent or other water based cleaner for current system
181 4 To improve surface cleanliness prior to priming and coating.
181 2 To find an acetone alternative for removing gummed label surface
181 3 Product search for oil, lubricant, adhesive removal from polycarbonate wafers.
181 1 To find an acetone substitute for removing Essilor yellow ink
210 1 Identify system that will effectively clean machine parts and products which have been contaminated with a mixture of uncured, partially cured and fully cured polysiloxane coating
282 1 To determine the resistance of various glass surfaces to acid, phosphate and alkaline solutions.
342 1 To find a substitute for Acetone
342 2 To find a substitution for M.E.K. as a cleaning agent to remove adhesive
347 1 To explore environmentally friendly alternatives to our current parts cleaning station.