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Client Number Project Number In Progress Implementation Tech Transfer Analysis Test Objective
50 1 To determine if there is a better cleaning agent than HCl, nitric acid, or solvents currently used
63 1 Want to know if any of their products have been successfully used in the SCL.
83 1 To evaluate products.
87 1 Want an update on the usage of products for testing in the SCL
91 1 Want an update on the usage of products for testing in the SCL
93 1 Want an update on the usage of products for testing in the SCL
111 1 To evaluate products.
113 1 To evaluate supplied products according to technical datasheets.
125 1 Request for data based on any recent, 199???, studies that show the status of industry shift from CFCs to alternate chemistries?
130 1 To compare new and old formulation
135 1 To evaluate cleaning effectiveness for several contaminant types using client supplied samples.
138 1 To obtain testing results from samples supplied to SCL for evaluation
144 1 To evaluate effectiveness of supplied cleaners
148 1 To compare cleaning efficiency of similar products from two manufactures.
256 1 Tropical Products in Salem, MA has been approved by Stepan as a second source to manufacture/fill Enviro Care Corp Moldex RTU and Concentrate disinfectants. Need a support proposal and cost for probably 6 hour of assistance.
279 5 I?m a chemist at Vi-Jon and getting ready to submit some of our hand soap products for DfE approval. I understand that as part of the review process we need to conduct performance testing on our products and hence, I?m reaching out to you. Wondering
279 3 We would like to conduct the dish washing evaluation. Could you please get an invoice for submitting 2 samples. How much sample will you need for dish washing? Do you need our final packaging for both dish and glass?
279 1 We have 3 hand soaps and one national brand that we would like to test. If you have an additional national brand that you might want to suggest to show equivalence or superiority of our product. Our product is a self-foaming hand soap and we will
279 6 We are getting ready to send you two sets (vi-jon+brand) of hand soaps for performance testing. Could you please provide us with the quote and an estimated date for the test results?
279 4 I would like to submit a new benchmark to evaluate our Replenish product against. Please let me know if you need additional samples of the Replenish foaming dish. How much of the benchmark do you need? Do you have a submission form you would like
279 2 We would like to start the glass cleaner moving forward, if possible. We will look at testing 4 products ( 2 benchmarks, 2 internal products). Would you send us an invoice to get us started?
285 2 We are going to be using your services to test our new boat soap. I thought we would get the process started by having both parties sign an NDA similar to the one the University sent to me last year, as we don?t want our results published.
285 3 We would like to have a couple of products tested for boat cleaning. One is a general boat cleaner. The second is a hull cleaner.
285 1 We have a new product that is designed for use in the direct release market. We need to test as part of our EPA DfE requirement. We would like to have the product compared with a comparative product for all purpose and/or degreasing applications.
290 1 I was recommended by Adam from UL that your laboratory can do some testing for me. We have a cleaning product that needs to be certified by using testing method listed in UL 2796. Please let me know if your lab do these testing or not, if yes, may yo
291 1 To find scientific statistics as to how well my general all purpose cleaner works. Would like to have it tested for all purpose, bathroom, glass and grease cleaning.
292 1 We have to certify some of our products to the Ecologo and we have to do a performance test. Ecologo gave me the reference of your laboratory for the ASTM E679 test. Products shall demonstrate their ability to control odors in accordance with one of
296 1 I need to arrange for testing of our Odor Control product vs 2 other products using the ASTM 1593 method. We need these test results to help us comply with the UL Ecologo certification requirements. Are you able to assist in this? Please let me know
338 1 Perform evaluation for 5 products for ASTM D4488, 5 for TURI All Purpose soil and 7 products for CSPA DCC-09 methodology. Want to compare results to existing products.
353 1 We request a quote for the following degreaser testing: 1. Efficacy: Compare our formulation at 5%, 10%, and 20% (ie, 50,000; 100,000; and, 200,000 ppm). Does a 5% solution work well enough, compared with 10%? Any additional benefit from the 20%
355 1 Would like to have testing done for EPA DfE recognition program. Need to have all purpose, heavy duty degreasing, glass cleaning and Pet Stain & Odor removal products.
356 1 We are interested in pursuing product performance testing for a new DfE based All Purpose Cleaner (industrial cleaner/degreaser for janitorial type cleaning) that we have developed. We are interested in receiving a quotation from you for product per
357 1 We are most concerned with the cleaning efficacy test right now. We have tried a few different methods to compare cleaning efficacy with use of a parts washing brush but they did not show clear differentiation between fluids (even between solvent and
358 1 Determine the potential for potentially harmful bacteria to contaminate and survive in soap and soap dispensers.
359 3 We will send you 10 oz of 3 different options of our dish soaps. I want to test all 3 of these against the following brands. Dawn Dawn Platinum Palmolive Palmolive oxy Ajax
359 10 Fetch 4 Pets odor testing.
359 1 We have a carpet aerosol foam product that needs to be done. Looking to compare our product against Resolve for stain removal, carpet cleaning and odor elmination efforts. Need to address concerns from licensor.
359 8 Attached is the test request for these new samples. Out of the 3 tests in the Brand Buzz queue, could we prioritize by the following: 1. Hand soap test (request attached) o Two samples to test are both included in the box shipped today
359 6 We?d like to request an additional test of the Fume Free PLZ formulation against the EasyOff Fume Free. Could we do the same test method and same number of trials and get these back quickly? We?re hoping to prevent the need to reformulate the product
359 4 I left you a voicemail on this subject and I am sending this email to inform you that I have two samples inbound to your lab for competitive testing: 1. SHOUT Urine Destroyer; 2. SHOUT Carpet & Odor. These samples will need to be tested against that
359 2 I have a hand soap program shipping to target the 1st week of July. I need to do efficacy testing/performance testing on this. Testing is for DfE performance.
359 9 I?m also going to be sending some more samples. Soft abrasives o Powder vs. comet and ajax o Gel vs. soft scrub o Liquid cream vs. soft scrub
359 7 I wanted to talk costs for some upcoming testing headed your way. Could I get your help in acquiring a quote for the following: Laundry test against 2 competitors
359 5 We would like to test 3 samples out for the following applications: 1. Furniture polish can you test this against the following against, Behold, Endust, Pledge furniture 2. Fume free oven and grill cleaner against Easy off fume free 3. Aerosol glas
361 1 I have put together two documents about the testing we require. The efficacy testing is very straightforward however it is the enzyme testing that seems to be something that most labs do not do. Can you carry out this test, and can you give me an ap
362 1 Per the project request, we would like to evaluate the outputs from our EAW system (Hydris) under the following TURI Performance Test Standards: All-Purpose Light Duty (2); Hydris Disinfectant Cleaner , Hydris Sanitizer Cleaner & Glass Cleaner; Bat
363 1 We would like to get an estimate/proposal on getting TURI?s help in defining a protocol for removal of carbonized oil/fat on metal to help us validate the performance of our newer degreaser line that is no PPE, VOC carb compliant. We don?t go after
364 2 The product E50 ? Deodorizing Cleaner will need UL 2796 Standard for Sustainability for Odor Control Products and GS 37 testing for all purpose cleaning.
364 1 The two products sent to you have are our E40 Odor and Stain Eliminator and E50 Deodorizing Cleaner. We will need UL 2796 Standard for Sustainability for Odor Control Products. The Deodorizing cleaner is technically being certified in the Hard surf
365 2 DCC 17 INTERVAL soil removal evaluation
365 1 We are interested in Spray and Wipe Food Degreasing to be evaluated via modified DCC-17 Methodology. Looking at evaluating 8-10 products using ceramic tiles and the DCC 17 soil mixture of 33% vegetable shortening, 33% lard, 33% vegetable oil and 1% c
367 2 We would want the DCC 09 A test for filming and streaking, and we would be adding a third lot.
367 7 To evaluate supplied products for all purpose and bathroom cleaning applications
367 5 Below are the tests we are looking to perform for GS-37. I am hoping to have these sent out today. What kinds of rush options are available here, if any? All purpose for 3 products/dilution.. Restroom for 4 products/dilution. Glass for 3 products/dil
367 3 We are looking to have a test performed on a few samples of chemical, and I was wondering if you guys would be able to help us out. It should be a real simple one, but it might take some time to run. We are also looking to begin this test as soon as
367 1 As a general overview on our product system, we have a single concentrated product that is used to clean 95% of the general daily facility cleaning. It is not intended to be a super heavy duty cleaning product, which we feel is over kill in most sit
367 8 To compare 6 product formulations for bathroom cleaning
367 6 Here is the next round of testing. One or two tests may be added or taken off, but for the sake of generating a PO and getting these out today, this is pretty much the bulk of it. Again, if your lab is able to take rush requests at this time, we will
367 4 We will be sending two products ? both in concentrate to be diluted by TURI using DI water. The breakdown of dilutions and tests is below. Should either product fail its respective tests, we will want to send in a new formulation for that product as
368 1 Tropical Products in Salem, MA has been approved by Stepan as a second source to manufacture/fill Enviro Care Corp Moldex RTU and Concentrate disinfectants. I would need a support proposal and cost for probably ca. three 2hr visits. My anticipation
368 2 Conduct a cleaning performance evaluation on our product as compared to 2 supplied products. Looking to compare dirt, grease, crayon/wax and food stain (mustard) removal from a metal surface using minimal mechanical agitation.
368 3 EnviroCare Moldex Paint Prep, Evaluate versus: Motsenbocker?s Lift Off All Surface Paint Prep, Savogran Liquid TSP Substitute We can discuss if you can detect any gloss reduction or paint adhesion performance.
369 1 Conduct performance testing for odor elimination, carpet cleaner and all purpose testing 1. ABF Formula RS040715A-1 (RS3-224) Long Lasting Odor Eliminator w/Oxy; challenge against current Shout product in market (Shout Pets Turbo Oxy Time-Release)
371 1 We are looking to have our product line tested for green certification requirements. We will need glass, all purpose (may be 2 formulas), bathroom/tile and driveway oil degreasing. We want to compare to a conventional and green product lines. We woul
372 1 We?re considering submitting the following Green Works Concentrates products for testing. What would be the cost to submit them? Green Works General Purpose Concentrate Cleaner Green Works Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate Green Works Neutral Floor Clean
375 1 We are looking to have product tested for GS 51 certification. Product to be compared with 1 industry comparative product. Please provide option for adding additional products to the testing plan.
377 1 Looking to have metal finishing testing completed with Solvon K4 that we are using for dry cleaning. Looking to have 1 product tested with several substrates, wide range of soils and a few processes.
377 2 Provide an EHS review on solvent and compare to traditional halogenated solvents.
378 1 Please send me information about your test according to (modified) ASTM D5343. I am sending you two samples for ASTM D5343 test. They are being sent in the concentrate and will need to be diluted to 2% solution. Please send quote.
378 2 Please send me information about your test according to (modified) ASTM D5343. I am sending you two samples for ASTM D5343 test. They are being sent in the concentrate and will need to be diluted to 2% solution. Please send quote.
381 1 We are a manufacturing company that make industrial and institutional cleaning chemicals. We have a few that are approved green by either Green Seal, UL/EcoLogo, and/or EPA?s DfE. One of our products is up for renewal and we have to have it third p
382 3 I'd like to get a floor finish stripper performance tested according to Green Seal's GS-40 standard. Could you give me a quote?
382 1 We have a new formula for our White Pearl Hand Soap that I would like to have performance testing done for our pending Green Seal Certification. Are you still able to do this, and if so, can you send me a quote and where I should send the sample to.
382 2 As discussed over the telephone, we have a product we are trying to re-certify with ULE (EcoLogo). It is presently under the CCD-115 standard, and we have to re-cert under CCD-107 standard for biologically based odor control products. Please let me
384 1 I'd like to have one of my products tested, particularly against a currently available commercial product SimpleGreen(r). I've filled out your form and attached it. Please review it and let me know when I can submit my samples. We would like to tes
385 1 I was referred to you by Ms Erica Harriman from ToxServices. A couple years ago our company created a household all-purpose cleaner and we are now interested in EPA's DfE program certification. Could you please help me with the following info: - Wh
385 2 We are interested in testing our floor cleaner using the ASTM4488 A-2 standard. Would you mind sending me a quote for this test?
386 1 I am working on ecologo certification CCD 115 (UL 2796). My product is detergent based on beneficial bacteria, surfactant and perfume. In this category, we have to evaluate the efficacy of a product deodorization by E1593 or E679.
388 5 To evaluate all purpose cleaning efficacy of 11 test samples and 1 comparator sample.
388 3 I noticed that you do automatic dishwashing assessment too. I would like to test one of our products in that test too using two dilution.
388 1 I have the following products I would like to test to start with: Glass cleaner efficacy including filming and streaking. It looks like this would be tests GS 37 and DCC 09A. Two different strengths (same ingredients but different concentrations) wi
388 4 To evaluate five products at multiple dilutions for all purpose cleaning and compared to an industry standard product
388 2 I have some more products that I would like to test. Can you please let me know the recommended tests and how much product you will need for each test. 1) Carpet/rug cleaner- this is going to be the same product that you tested for us as a cleaner/d
390 1 I came across your website while searching for a lab which could help our company with product testing. Our company Pure Care Home was launched with the purpose of creating a new brand of natural, safe, non-toxic and effective household cleaners in
391 1 PURETi Group LLC is an American manufacturer of aqueous photocatalytic surface treatments - water and titania solutions that are spray applied to materials of all types to safely, invisibly and durably transform the treated surfaces into self-cleanin
393 1 To whom this may concern regarding re-certification of UL2796 products; I am sending three products of Qwatro RoyalPak for re-certification under UL 2796. Please use the standards of testing set out in the guideline and forward the information back t
394 1 I was provided your contact information by Ms. Erica Harriman at ToxServices; we are working with ToxServices to qualify a cleaner product for the EPA Safer Choice Program. In line with the Performance Standards of Section 4.2.1 of the Safer Choice P